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cash disbursements journal

The latest reported disbursement ratio of the World Bank’s portfolio in that country is a paltry 16.89%. Yet, South Africa needs tons of money to fix a debilitating power crisis that its President calls a “state of disaster”. In 2018, the Bank went to market for another $60 billion ($7.5 billion in cash and $52.6 billion in rich country guarantees). Development folks often credits this fund-raise bookkeeping for startups for growing lending from about $30.5 billion in 2017 to about $50 billion (60% of which went to Sub-Saharan Africa). When the goods arrive, the receiving clerk
accesses the open PO file in real time by entering
the PO number taken from the packing slip. The
receiving screen, illustrated in Figure 5-18, then
prompts the clerk to enter the quantities received
for each item on the PO.

cash disbursements journal

The “Date” column indicates date of operation, “Details” indicate what was sold or purchased. “Ref” stands for an internal reference and can be indicated in any way necessary; in this case, it’s an imaginary number of transactions. For example, let’s assume that ABC Corporation needs to pay their rent expense of $10,000 for the month of May. The finance officer approves the expense and records the transaction in the company’s financial records.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Petty Cash

With this step, the
purchases phase of the expenditure cycle is completed. At the end of the day, batch totals of open (unpaid) and closed (paid) AP, inventory increases, and cash disbursements are
posted to the AP control, inventory control, and cash accounts in the general ledger. General Ledger Department
Based on the journal voucher from cash disbursements and the account summary from AP, the general ledger clerk posts
to the general ledger control accounts and files the documents. The financial responsibilities of bookkeepers generally stop at paying taxes. At this point, the books are usually handed over to an accountant and they will make the necessary tax returns to HMRC.

cash disbursements journal

Such a cash book looks exactly like a double-column cash book, except that it has an additional third column on every side reserved for cash discounts. You can also publish manual journals in bulk by selecting multiple manual journals and then clicking the Publish button. It can also be used for paying for unanticipated business expenses, especially when other alternative means of payment are neither cost effective nor feasible. When you have an adequate amount of petty cash at your disposal, then it means that you have the ability to respond quickly to any business needs that may arise. Some organisations may just require $50 as their petty cash, while others may need $200 as their petty cash fund.

What Is a Cash Disbursement Journal?

The flowchart in Figure 5-17 depicts the key features
of a reengineered system. The transaction is then recorded in the cash disbursement journal, which will include the date of the transaction, the payee’s name (landlord), the amount paid ($10,000), and the purpose of the payment (rent expense). Therefore, the main purpose of petty cash fund is to help organisations and institutions pay for their minimally-priced business transactions.

The cash
disbursements process
begins in the AP
department by identifying
items that have come due. Disbursements system
processes the payment of
obligations created in the
purchases system. The
principal objective of this
system is to ensure that
only valid creditors receive
payment and that amounts
paid are timely and correct. If the system makes
payments early, the firm
forgoes interest income
that it could have earned on
the funds.


Inspecting and
counting the items received protect the firm from incomplete orders and damaged goods. Supervision is critical at this point
to ensure that the clerks properly carry out these important duties. A packing slip containing quantity information that could
be used to circumvent the inspection process often accompanies incoming goods.

  • The Petty Cash Fund should have enough money (petty cash float) to support the purchases expected in that account.
  • If receiving clerks were provided with quantity information via an open PO, they
    may be tempted to transfer this information to the receiving report without performing a physical count.
  • S/He will manage the forecasting of CO cash needs and determining if new accounts/banking services are required.
  • Firstly, bookkeeping allows a business to understand its financial situation.
  • Since its money owned by the business, the petty cash amount should be recorded in the business’s asset accounts.

The check number
is recorded in the voucher register to close the voucher and transfer the items to the closed AP file. The checks, along
with a transaction listing, are sent to the cash disbursements department. Finally, batch totals of closed AP and cash
disbursements are prepared for the general ledger update procedure. The general ledger function provides an
important independent verification in the system.

A supervisor should take custody of the
packing slip while receiving clerks count and inspect the goods. Inventory control keeps the detailed records of the asset, while the warehouse has custody. At
any point, an auditor should be able to reconcile inventory records to the physical inventory. It is always good to instruct the petty cash custodian to create a petty cash transaction log to help you keep abreast with the custodian. This will ensure you are using just the right amount of money to pay for your minor expenses. Petty cash is not meant to be misused on unnecessary expenses, but rather to make it easier for you to pay for minor expenses without sending a lot of time and money writing and signing checks.

Cash disbursements refer to the process of releasing funds from a company’s account to pay for various expenses. It is the process of making payments to vendors, suppliers, and other creditors for goods and services received, managing payments, and ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded in the accounting system. Step 1
The purchasing
process begins in the
data processing
department, where the
inventory control
function is performed. When inventories are
reduced by sales to
customers or usage in
production, the
system determines if
the affected items in
the inventory
subsidiary file have
fallen to their reorder

Understanding the cash book Screen

 In the simple accounting equation, the left side of the
equation is the DEBIT side while the right side of the
Because payroll systems run periodically (weekly or monthly), they are well suited to batch processing. Now that we have covered the fundamental operational tasks and controls that constitute the expenditure cycle, let’s
examine the role of computers. C/d” stands for balance carried down as the closing balance of a ledger pushed to the next accounting period. ▪ Ensures the presence and compliance of supporting documents with the financial rules. Below is the standard documentation available and a few details of the fields which make up this Table.



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