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what does fractional cfo mean

Delegating everything to an outsourced CFO would be an expensive and poor use of their talents. Most fractional CFOs charge by the hour or day, which results in different monthly costs depending on the level of engagement a company needs. You might hire a fractional CFO for a one-time project, or you may wish to set up a retainer arrangement so you can receive their advice regularly.

Redpath is a member of HLB International, a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms. When building a robust accounting team, you may have questions regarding who to hire and whether to outsource talent instead of hiring internally. You may need a Controller if you require the supervision of a bookkeeper or your internal accounting team.

Advantage #1: it puts a focus on the company’s financial health

If you’re looking to accomplish a specific goal, it is essential that the CFO has done it before and can share the results. The Zeni founders tried handling all CFO services on their own while building their first two startups and discovered how complicated it was—thus, Zeni was born. We understand how alarming this can be to founders, so we paved the way for startups to have a “CFO in their pocket” at all times.

A fractional CFO brings you the knowledge and experience of a CFO, but you don’t have to worry about salary, benefits, or bonuses. The financial needs of a company will change depending on its size and stage of growth. There are four core financial roles required during the lifecycle of a company. These stages correspond with the skills needed from talent and range from an initial bookkeeper up to the traditional CFO role. In one of the first experiences I had in this role, I was working with a medical practice who unfortunately found themselves in the red and needed help to get their ship turned around.

Verify Before You Trust: Implementing A Validation Policy For Your Company

All posts undergo a review process with at least one member of our Leadership Team to ensure accuracy. A fractional CFO engagement may begin with the completion of a financial scorecard to benchmark the finance organization’s health. From here, a good fractional CFO service should support in creating KPIs and a roadmap to work towards that aligns with overall business goals. On a monthly basis, the fractional CFO may provide a list of agreed-upon services, for example, support calls, reporting, cost-benefit analysis and preparation of various financial documents. All of these services should support in achieving the ultimate goal of low-risk, efficient business growth.

  • They can help you build your investor presentation, set financial goals and budgets, and identify potential investors.
  • A CFO also creates and maintains control systems designed to preserve a company’s assets and report accurate financial results preventing any surprises.
  • Using fractional CFO services is much more cost-effective than a full-time finance team since they can do different financial operations across different roles part-time.
  • Our team’s focus is 100% on helping you define and execute on your business goals.
  • CFO’s also advise key stakeholders on critical company decisions, financial reporting and financial operations.

Individual efficiency and quality vary quite a bit, which affects your overall cost. Manufacturing, transportation, distribution, real estate and construction are very financially complex and require a specialty fractional CFO. SaaS, retail, and consulting services are simpler but still deserve an experienced professional.

Strategic Thinker

It’s the high-ranking job of managing various aspects of the company’s financial planning and analyses, and it encompasses a breadth of strategic responsibilities related to the financial health of the business. Without this critical leadership prong, a company can quickly find itself failing to meet its financial goals, without understanding why or how to change it. A fractional CFO also works less than full-time for your business, but in a way that is distinctly different from how a part-time CFO operates. The fractional CFO is an outsourced expert who comes in for a finite period of time, usually to help your company prepare for growth or address specific financial issues. They may return for another engagement in the future, if needed, but they do not work with your company on an ongoing, long-term basis like a part-time CFO does.

Whether you’re seeking funding, optimizing cash flow, or aiming for a significant financial milestone, our seasoned CFOs will be your co-pilot to success. A fractional CFO is also flexible, providing you with the freedom to scale up law firm bookkeeping (or down) their services as your company grows. The flexibility is a valuable asset, and you can focus more attention on utilizing your nearest and dearest resources while making strides towards your objectives with less doubt.



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