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Chef vs Puppet: Methodologies, Concepts, and Support

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Hence, it will help you automatically correct the configuration drift or eliminate it completely (if required). Our developers are fully versed in Chef DevOps, the best practices platform into which Chef is fully integrated. We are able to deliver easily tested software and infrastructure changes which are fully traceable thanks to Chef Delivery. He loves to take deep dives into cloud technologies & different tools. It was easier to handle peaky traffic because of cloud’s compute-on-demand model, and handoffs were minimized. Terraform and Chef is the best configuration and automation tool for DevOps.

The host workstation is where we placed the cookbook while the node1 serves as the Chef Server. Let’s proceed and continue on bootstrapping and running the cookbook in the node9 client. Take note that you need to apply the same /etc/hosts to your workstation, Chef Server, as well as the client unless you are using a DNS. Chef requires that all the nodes are able to resolve the network connectivity and establish a connection to each other. The Chef development kit allows you to write and manage your chef infrastructure from any machine and any operating system.

Steps for Automating Infrastructure with Chef DevOps

Chef provides you with a framework which helps in evading these worn-tools problems. It even improves infrastructure management that can help you to solve every complicated problem. Chef automates the applications configuration, deployment and management throughout your network regardless of its size, even if you’re operating in the cloud, on-premises or on hybrid.

There are many third-party components that may require additional installation and configuration. Of course, if you do not need them, you may start with just the base installation. chef devops certification An organization with many developers who understand the workings of the Ruby programming language might need to adopt the Chef tool, as it’s written in Ruby.

Recommended Resources

The knife command lets you communicate with the Chef Infra Server from your workstation. For security and compliance automation, Chef Inspec enforces your policies in any environment. The rules are applied in automated tests, which can be run on traditional servers, modern containers and via cloud APIs.

  • This means that there is less downtime, more reliable services and less stressed people on both the dev and ops sides.
  • Chef is an open source systems management and cloud infrastructure automation platform.
  • If your organization is more inclined to use a tool for quick and reliable deployment, Terraform may be a better option than Chef.
  • Instead of thinking in terms of incremental changes to the configuration, you just focus on the outcome and write it down.
  • Adam Jacob, co-founder of Opscode is known as the founder of Chef.
  • Are you planning to learn Terraform from industry-level experts?

Choosing between Chef and Terraform may be tough, especially if you are new. As discussed above, both the DevOps configuration management tools, Chef and Terraform, are unique in their distinctive way. When not to consider a particular tool is as important as when to consider another. Simply put, you must invest time in diving into the features of both tools and then finalize your decision. Whether you need to automate, design, or manage configurations manually, a configuration management tool plays a critical role in your DevOps project. Out of the various configuration management tools available, two of the most popular technologies advancing DevOps is Chef and Terraform.

Using the Cookbook – Bootstrapping a Node

Both of these configuration managers offer easy ways of doing this. Besides provisioning, Chef also offers related tools such as InSpec for compliance automation and Habitat for application automation. All of these, along with Chef itself, integrate nicely into Chef Automate, which is advertised as the one-stop shop for automation. Chef Automate’s counterpart for Puppet is called Puppet Enterprise Console, and it is available for Puppet Enterprise customers. Before DevOps became a hot word in the industry, development and operations by definition were entirely separate and, without the cloud, new servers were manually provisioned. This enhances the ability of DevOps engineers to deploy software faster in the cloud without going to build the same software for each cloud provider.

  • Master Devices are specified as the location where the changes are initiated, updates are created, or records are maintained.
  • In Puppet, you create manifests and modules, while in Chef you deal with recipes and cookbooks.
  • It is used for data-driven orchestration, remote execution for any infrastructure, and configuration management for any app stack.
  • Chef is a configuration management technology used to automate the infrastructure provisioning.
  • If there are any changes made to the infrastructure code, they must be passed through the Chef Server to apply them to the nodes.

It allows users to easily scale infrastructures in the cloud with no downtime and move their applications from one cloud platform to another. The Chef server holds up all the recipes as well as other configuration data. Now the Chef client is installed on all the nodes in your network.

They are mainly used to substitute an attribute value into the files to create the final file version that will be placed on the node. One for setting credentials for a Chef Server and one for setting up the Habitat environment. The following table shows the tasks and what type of agents they are compatible with. The declarative language may require some adjustment for people who mostly do coding. Giving some structure and composition to the overall view is also encouraged. Each application on a host and each cluster’s node may be described separately, yet they are orchestrated in the end.

  • Along with the management proficiency, Chef is also destined to detect configuration drift automatically to keep the system under right compliance.
  • Terraform is often preferable to a configuration management solution when utilizing Docker or Packer.
  • In addition, this feature is very crucial to large IT firms that need many hands to handle operations.
  • The recipes are then created on these selected workstations for implementing policies upon the worker nodes.
  • There are many third-party components that may require additional installation and configuration.


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